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How to Prep Your Hair for A Quick Weave Slay

It doesn’t matter the texture, length or color if you need something done less than two hours a quick weave may be the best option. I know what you’re going to say “Charlie I can’t take that glue” that would be a concern for me as well. However, there are products and techniques that a stylist use to prevent your hair from being touched by the glue which is also known as the molding technique. What is the Molding Technique? When it comes to molding the hair, it’s about making sure the hair is flat and creating a flat hard surface to prevent the hair from being touched by the glue. Depending on the length of the hair you can either braid the hair down use...

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7 Tips Maintain Your Hair Underneath Your Wig

1.Wash Your Hair Regularly Okay, washing your hair may seem like common sense, but hey I had to put this on the list to stress the importance of this tip. Keeping your scalp clean is a great way to make sure your hair follicles are healthy, active, and more susceptible to grow. Wearing a wig all day will cover up your scalp, this leaves room for sweat and dirt to build up at a much faster rate. With dandruff and other unhealthy oils building up on top of your hair, this can cause your hair to have an odd smell and tangle causing breakage. Shampooing and conditioning your hair will be your best friend throughout the process of wearing wigs. Even...

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