Something You Need To Know For Lace Frontal Sew In

What is the Lace Frontal?

Lace frontals complete the desired look of a sew-in by closing off the install, eliminating the need to blend any leave out. A lace frontal the “finishing piece” that completes a full head of weave.

It’s a recreation of the hairline that is essentially a protective style, giving your hairline and edges a break from the tension of sew-ins.

If you want to try something different, regarding hair color cut or style, this could be the perfect solution without you having to make any changes to your actual hair.

The Frontal “Need to Know”

After a few weeks, your lace frontal will more likely move out of place, due to the simple fact that your hair is growing!

Those who desire to keep in their lace frontals for a while, usually go back to the salon for a reinstallation. Sometimes of the entire weave, but most of the time just of the frontal.

It’s important to know that, as beautiful lace frontals are, they don’t last too long and can be quite expensive!

What Difference between Lace Frontal And Closure?

These two have many similarities, but the differences are what make people call them by different names.

Cover area is difference

Lace frontals cover the entire hairline. The lace closure covers a small portion of the head, hence the name “closure.”

Lace closures are typically sewn into place, while lace frontals can either be sewn or bonded.

Both frontals and closures are placed behind or in front of the natural hairline, but because lace frontals are usually bonded, they are usually positioned in the front.

Lace frontals allow for endless versatility, so you can wear any color, curl pattern, cut or style.

Closures only cover a portion of your head, so it’s close to impossible to pull your hair back without exposing your tracks.

Plucking the Hairline

Lace frontals with baby hairs are the most common type of frontal you will see advertised. The baby hairs add to the illusion that the frontal is coming from the scalp.

When dealing with frontals with baby hair, it’s important to pay attention to when plucking the hairline. Otherwise, you’ll be plucking the baby hairs and barely any hair from the hairline!

Why pluck the hairline? The hairline of most lace frontals isn’t natural. To make it appear natural, pluck some hairs into the hairline’s shape.

Although, there aren’t many steps to customizing your lace frontal it’s all about precision. If you’re not too comfortable with doing something, get your hairstylist to do it for you!

Here are a Few Commonly Used Steps, when Installing a Lace Frontal

  • Prepare the Hair- This can go for frontal you’re about to install or the hair on your client’s head. Either way, both need to be ready for the process! Make sure your lace frontal is customized to your client’s head, and the braiding pattern is flat!
  • Measure the Frontal- Before you sew, place the frontal onto the client’s head and adjust the frontal to where you want it placed. This helps to ensure the frontal doesn’t look “wiggish”. Decide how far down the natural hairline you want it to go.
  • Began Installing- Most stylists like to start sewing the sides of the lace frontal down first and then the back. But, do whatever you feel is best for yourself or your client!
  • Finishing Touches- Style your bundles, cut the lace off in the front, lay your baby hairs, and slay the day away!

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