How to Maintain Curly Human Hair?

How to Maintain Curly Human Hair?

How to Maintain Curly Human HairA Brazilian curly weave is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles that every woman would like to have on her head.
People purchase curly hair bundles with closure or frontal when they want to have quick wave hairstyles, then they use these hair weaves to make a wig. When they wear the wigs, However, having this hairstyle is not all that you need to look good, you must maintain it well,it will have many problems with their lovely wigs, they want to know what should they do and what should they don’t do

Why should take care of Brazilian curly hair weave?

 Brazilian Curly hair, or Type 3 Hair, loops back on itself and springs back into place when you pull on it. To keep your hair from clinging too close, use a jelly styler, rake fingers through hair, then shake it out. It’s prone to frizz, so moisture is essential. 

If you got some Brazilian curly hair bundles but don’t know how to care them. Don’t worry. Let read some tips below, you will find out the answer and have the best curly hair

How to maintain Brazilian curly hair?

let us make a summary about 5 do and don’t about your curly hair wigs, so the wigs you make will last long on your head

1. Do: use a diffuser

   Don’t: Be afraid of using a hairdryer
The best way to make the wigs dry is by the natural wind, but if the time is not enough, you will use the hairdryer, everyone knows that heat is no good for the hair. Before you use the diffuser, apply some nutrition oil on the hair to protect the hair from the heat. Diffuser attachment will help define your curls by distributing heat more evenly than a standard barrel dryer. Just make sure turn the heat down to low or turn it off completely.

2.Do: Find a stylist who is professional in curly hair

   Don’t: avoid haircuts

For a while, you need to modify your curly hair, when you plan to cut it, please make sure find a professional hairdresser to do it. A trim will help you maintain healthy ends and make sure your curls aren’t weighed down. It means you need to find a good hairdresser who is a pro with handling curly hair well.

3.Do: use a renewal spray on your curly hair wigs

   Don’t: wash your wig every day
People think they wash their wig every day, so this will help keep curls and fresh. But you can think about it, wash more, wig strands turned to dry and lose the oils which keep them healthy. After you wash your wigs, please use some olive oil and renewal spray nutrition your hair. Even our own hair, when you don’t use conditioner, it will dry a lot. One thing is your body need some element to keep your hair healthy, another thing is because you need to take special care about your hair, especially because of women like dye or perm their hair. So you can think a wig need more care about it.

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4.Do: choose a wide-tooth comb

  Don’t: own a hairbrush

If you want to keep your wig curls, you shouldn’t use the hairbrush. If you find your hair need a brush to prevent tangles, please gently use a wide-tooth comb through wet strands while you are in the shower just before rinsing out your conditioner.

5.Do: using your fingertips to style your curls

  Don’t: run your fingers through your hair

After you style your curly hair wigs, please don’t be so rush to run your fingers through your hair as you sit at your desk or wait at a red light. This will cause curls to separate, lose their definition, and become frizzy. However, implementing the rake and shake method (apply the product to fingertips and rake through wet strands; shake your hand from side to side as you near the ends) will help encourage your curls to form in the most natural way.


Kinky hair offers a wide variety of funky and fun styling options that can be difficult to achieve with straight styles. Proper education and care will ensure the lifespan of your style. Confidence and creativity will keep your style lit! 

Remember that healthy hair is always in style and popular so maintain the elasticity of hair to keep it healthy and raise the confidence of yourself. Don’t chase and concern too much about whether you should have curly or straight hair but try your best to care for your hair to make it smooth and tangle-free, which will give hair a perfect look among all the people.

Sincerely hope above words is useful for you, if  you want to know more about the human hair wig and human hair weave, please leave meassage to us order check our others article in blog, thanks in advance, and have a nice day!

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